Everything happens for a reason. There’s a blessing hidden behind every complication. Have faith in Allah.
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Some people and even your loved ones may not understand you, but remember that Allah does; He can see what’s in our heart and mind.
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May Allah ease our hardships, bring peace and love to the forefront of our hearts and guide us from going astray away from His pleasure.

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh All

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self reminder.

You cannot feel miserable if you have the love of Allah within you, those who feel pain have lost touch with Allah.

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Allah tests the ones he loves. So if you feel like you’re being tested by Allah, that means he loves you.
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They (Christians) lie about Jesus, make jokes about Jesus and because of their ignorance, Jesus never told Christians to worship Him. A man can’t be a god, nor God can be a man and he Jesus is a prophet of Allah. God can’t have kids, nor God can die and every things in this world is alive, because of God.
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Spring break is going by sooooooo fast. Like slow down… Please.

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